jururawat lelaki?!

pening2...aq still memikir lg...nak jd ke x nak...
susah ke jd nurse ni..lebeh2 lg lelaki yg gangster cam aq ni..
gengster la sgt..huhuhuhu...


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PiNk ButTeRfLy said...

nurse lelaki, nurse lelaki, sakit la, tolong cek.


diDEN™ said...

ok pe.. skang rmai yg nk pkai khidmat llki do.. gagah tu pnting hehe

crankmiglia said...

@pink~cess..rase cam nak lempang pink..ahahaha
@diden~gagah ye? hurmmm~

PiNk ButTeRfLy said...

haha.. weh, mane le lempang la.

nurse kene jage patients.

crankmiglia said...

kalau patients laen aq jage...
kalau pink aq lempang tross..ahahaha

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